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What Are the Future Jobs in America?

                        Many Americans are heavily considering their career paths since the economy has taken a turn for the worse. A number of people are trying to pick up the pieces after losing a job or being laid off. According to CBS News, 1 in […]

What Are the Highest Paying Jobs?

By Hal Gates If you are currently collecting unemployment benefits, you may be wondering how to position yourself for a high paying job. People choose career paths for different reasons. For some, the number one concern is the amount of money that they will earn, and for others, it is important to do something they […]

How Can I Get Unemployment?

By Chad Wonderman For those who are jobless and searching, a question that often looms in their minds is, “How can I get unemployment?” If you are unemployed through no fault of your own, then you may be eligible to claim unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are available to qualified unemployed people while they look for […]

The Lowdown on the SAT Test: Why It’s Important and How You Can Achieve a Good Score

by Hanson Regalia One of the most anxiety-provoking tests for high school students is the dreaded SAT test. For many people, the SAT is the biggest test of their lives because its score largely determines what colleges they will get into. The purpose of the SAT test is to gauge your academic readiness. Your score […]

A Guide to Schools That Allow You to Earn Your Arts Degree Online

By Sam Poller With the invention of the Internet and the massive improvements it has undergone over the years, many students are now able to complete two to four year degree programs entirely online. Some degree programs, specifically degree programs in the arts, do require you to complete some courses on campus, but most coursework […]