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The impetus for creating these pages of opinion are simply to help folks understand the benefits of going through an institutionalized process of learning and coming out the other side with a degree in hand. My realization for the need for a degree started back at a time when obtaining a job was something of a mystery. I had no formidable experience, nor did I understand the ways of the working world. I did however have a Bachelor’s degree in hand and without it, I wouldn’t have gotten on the yellow brick road to success. How do you define success? I can’t define your meaning of success, but for me, success equates to comfort and peace of mind. For others it may mean a mansion and yacht and that’s fine. But I truly believe, for most of us in the United States, a college degree provides the foundation to reach your goals. And by the way, college is fun also. One doesn’t have to go into it with a stoic attitude. Have fun, learn about the subjects you’re interested in and walk away with a positive experience. My goal here is to help clear the fog away, and zero you in on a good school or schools that you may consider to be a proving ground for your success. I wish you all the luck and hope to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to write in or provide feedback about your experiences with higher education. May you all graduate with honors!

Karen Harrison

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