What Are the Highest Paying Jobs?

By Hal Gates

If you are currently collecting unemployment benefits, you may be wondering how to position yourself for a high paying job. People choose career paths for different reasons. For some, the number one concern is the amount of money that they will earn, and for others, it is important to do something they love. If you’re asking yourself, ”What are the highest paying jobs?” In order to decide on a degree program and career path, financial security is clearly a priority for you. In that case, it’s advisable to do some research on the most lucrative career options available in today’s economy.

Jobs in the medical profession aren’t going away anytime soon. The healthcare industry is booming and medical jobs are sought after because of their high salaries. Medical jobs are well-paid due to the amount of education and the breadth of skills and knowledge that they require. Other jobs that pay well include jobs in IT, engineering, and business.

Highly paid professions usually come with a significant amount of responsibility, and the people getting these jobs also need to have extensive education and experience in their chosen fields. So, what are the highest paying jobs available today? Described below are some of the most lucrative careers out there.


Anesthesiologists command an hourly rate of over $80 per hour and a yearly salary of over $166,000. This is undoubtedly a good income, but when you consider the stress and responsibility associated with the job, it seems reasonable to earn that much. A significant amount of education and hard work is necessary to obtain a position as an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists must be experts in several complex subjects, including biology, chemistry, and physics. It is definitely not a job that you could end up in by chance! Becoming an anesthesiologist requires years of intense study.

Architectural and engineering managers

Architectural and engineering managers earn an average salary of around $120,000. Although being an engineer is different from working in medicine, these high paying professions have one important thing in common: they require you to take on a significant amount of responsibility.

Architectural and engineering managers are ultimately responsible for projects worth millions of dollars. They make key decisions on matters related to worker and public safety. They are also in the firing line if any structural problems are found or disasters happen. Planning huge developments is extremely challenging. Moreover, it takes a special type of person to process such a vast amount of complex information while under pressure. This is why the financial rewards of being an architectural or engineering manager are so huge.

Chief executives

Another type of professional that often works in high pressure situations is the chief executive. The chief executive of a large corporation is essentially responsible for overseeing the operation of an entire company. A chief executivefs duties include relaying the wishes of the board of owners to the rest of the company and implementing company-wide strategies. In addition to having a high education level and professional experience in their chosen sector, chief executives need to possess excellent interpersonal skills in order to communicate with and motivate large groups of people.

Computer & Information Systems Managers

One industry that has experienced huge growth in the last 20 years is the computer and information technology industry. This industry is developing at a speed that nobody could have predicted, and the people holding the top jobs in this sector are earning big money.

Computer & information systems managers possess the cutting-edge knowledge necessary to spearhead the growth and progress of multi-billion dollar companies. Advancements in computer technology have enabled programmers and systems managers to create programs that further the capabilities of the top companies in the world. It seems only fair that they are highly rewarded for their work. On average, computer & information systems managers take home around $115,000 per year.

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