A Guide to Schools That Allow You to Earn Your Arts Degree Online

By Sam Poller

With the invention of the Internet and the massive improvements it has undergone over the years, many students are now able to complete two to four year degree programs entirely online. Some degree programs, specifically degree programs in the arts, do require you to complete some courses on campus, but most coursework can be completed online with no trouble at all.

From the Art Institute to local community colleges, numerous institutions of higher education offer students the opportunity to pursue an arts degree online. Colleges and universities understand that today’s students face time constraints and other challenges, so more and more art schools are offering online courses to accommodate their busy schedules. Many people assume that obtaining a degree in the arts would require you to attend classes on campus because it is such a hands-on discipline, but it is actually like attaining any other degree online in that you can study from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Listed below are some accredited and well-known art schools that offer degrees online.

The Art Institute Online

The Art Institute has an online division known as the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers 15 academic online degree programs. No matter which Art Institute you attend, you are allowed to take the courses offered in the online division. Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs are available and there many different majors to choose from, including graphic design or photography. The Art Institute is a pioneer when it comes to earning an arts degree online, and their hands-on approach to education allows students to fully comprehend the coursework. Speak to an advisor to see what programs and courses are available and determine the best path to achieving your academic and career goals.

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University has made a name for itself with its reputable online and offline programs in the arts. Well over 17,000 students study at the Academy of Art University. The school is constantly introducing easier, more convenient ways to obtain an arts degree online. Individuals can pursue an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree at the Academy of Art University. You can also work towards a certificate.

Students at the Academy of Art University can take courses in 18 subject areas. The university offers classes that cater to people interested in just about every artistic field, from acting to landscape architecture. The university was founded in San Francisco, and its graduates have launched successful careers working for major companies like Pixar and Apple.

Full Sail University

Although Full Sail University isn’t as well-known as the aforementioned two schools, it is still a top choice for many students seeking an arts degree online. Particularly notable is the graphic design program at Full Sail University. The demand for graphic designers is growing, and Full Sail University allows students to earn a graphic design degree online. Students who attend Full Sail University to earn a bachelor’s degree in graphic design get an in-depth look at the graphic design industry.

Another popular degree at Full Sail University is the Master of Fine Arts in Media Design, which is meant for established designers who would like to extend their skills. Full Sail University offers many different courses and degree programs designed to help the art-inclined reach their career goals.

As you can see, there are multiple schools to choose from if you want to pursue an arts degree online. Online study is becoming the norm, even in the arts, so if your schedule or life’s circumstances make it impossible for you to earn a degree on a traditional campus, explore the online options that are available to forge a successful art career in a creative discipline.

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