Artistic Jobs that Pay Well

By Jack Sirque

If you like to think outside of the box and use creativity to complete tasks or assignments, then perhaps a career in the arts is right for you. If you want to become an artist, it is best to get a degree in an art-related field because degrees are the norm, even in the artistic world, where talent holds a lot of weight. Many individuals armed with art degrees are busting the starving artist myth by obtaining artistic jobs that pay well and that are highly respected.

The artistic field is forever evolving and could even be described as a smart career choice, despite the current economy. Artistic jobs have the potential to be lucrative career options because an estimated 60 percent of artists and related workers are self-employed (, which means that they have control over how much they make per project, assignment, or work order. What could be better than getting paid handsomely for letting your creative juices flow? Outlined below are some of the most coveted artistic jobs that pay well.

Graphic Designer

For every business that exists, there is someone behind the scenes making sure that every advertising message is being communicated effectively. The job of a graphic designer is to solve communication problems through the use of visual solutions. Graphic designers work in both print and interactive design. Having education and experience is critical in the graphic design industry, and it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and software programs.

Entry level graphic designers can expect to earn at least $30,000 a year. For more experienced graphic designers, annual salaries can exceed $80,000. You can work as a graphic designer for a company or you can strike out on your own as a freelancer. Competition is keen within this field because there are more talented, artistic individuals pursuing graphic design positions than there are job openings. Graphic design positions in major metropolitan areas typically offer the highest salaries, but graphic design is a job that can be performed anywhere, so you can also choose to live in an area with a lower cost of living and work remotely.

Makeup Artist

If it’s your dream to be surrounded by celebrities and transform people’s appearances, then consider becoming a makeup artist. Makeup artist jobs can be hard to get, as there are literally thousands of talented makeup artists to compete against. Makeup artistry is an extremely popular career choice because it’s fun, glamorous, and has the potential to be lucrative.

There are numerous opportunities to work as a makeup artist in the theatre, film, and advertising industries. Postsecondary training is typically required. Makeup artistry is also an excellent opportunities for those who want to work on a freelance basis. When you’re starting out, working as a makeup artist isn’t exactly lucrative, as you can only expect to earn roughly $20,000 the first year. But as your skills improve and you build a stronger client base, your estimated yearly salary could range anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000.

Visual Effects Supervisor

By far, visual effects supervising is one of the most exciting and challenging artistic jobs that pay well. A visual effects supervisor’s job involves controlling and managing the creative and technical aspects of a film or TV show. Film and television have come a long way with all of the advancements in technology, so a visual effects supervisor must stay on top of the latest and greatest changes in the field. It is definitely not a job for everyone, as it requires you to adhere to strict deadlines and work long hours. If you can handle the workload, however, you can earn up to $400 a day or even thousands of dollars in a single week by working as a visual effects supervisor.

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