The Dangers of Opting for the Cheapest Online Degrees

by Sadie DeWitt

My grandma used to tell me that money doesn’t grow on trees, and while she’s no longer here with us, I can still hear her crackly voice uttering those words in the back of my mind every time I look up online college courses to take. The prices of online degrees are exorbitant these days, especially considering that I have to scrape by with a salary as a teacher’s assistant. It’s no wonder why so many people, like you and I, are looking for the cheapest online degrees.

But the problem with looking for something cheap is the desperation that’s often behind the word, “cheap.” You want to spend as little as humanly possible, so you’re likely to jump on any opportunity that is low in cost and that fits your needs. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are a slew of websites selling fake diplomas and pretending to be accredited online universities, and many unknowing people searching for a cheap solution end up falling for such scams.

How to Find Degree Programs That Are Cheap AND Legitimate

If you want to find the cheapest online degrees and ensure that they’re legitimate, first check whether they’re accredited. Accredited online degree programs have been evaluated by education authorities and are proven to offer a high quality education. Furthermore, accredited online degree programs can be paid for with federal financial aid. This means that if you’re having trouble covering the cost of a degree, you can apply for grants and low-interest loans from the government to help pay for tuition and fees.

Always keep in mind that the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. In fact, the cheapest online degrees can end up being the most expensive in the long run if they aren’t accredited, recognized, and respected by employers. Make sure that your investment in online education is worthwhile by selecting a school that’s up to snuff. Here’s a list of reputable, accredited online schools that offer affordable courses and degrees:


Liberty University

Charter Oak State College

Thomas Edison State College

Additionally, check if any accredited community colleges in your local area offer online degree programs. Community colleges tend to be cheaper than four-year schools, so they’re an ideal option if you just need to take a few college-level courses or are seeking an associate’s degree. One you find the college of your choice you can also look to earn money while you learn. You can earn your degree and make cash all at the same time.

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