Is an Online Masters in Education Administration Right for You?

By Sadie DeWitt

Are you a licensed teacher or school administrator who would like to advance your career? If so, pursuing an online masters in education administration may be a great option. An online education is both convenient and efficient.

An online masters in education administration will deepen your knowledge, expand your skill set, and widen your contributions to the field of education. Professionals who possess an online masters in education administration boast the expertise and credentials necessary to handle all day-to-day, non-academic aspects of educational programs while providing instructional leadership.

What You Learn in an Online Masters in Education Administration Program

In an online masters in education administration program, you learn how to become an effective primary or secondary school leader in rural, suburban, and city schools. Traditional business disciplines you’ll study in an online masters program include:

  • Inventory
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Policy
  • Regulations

You’ll also learn about community relations, school law, education finance, and personnel supervision. Typically, online masters in education programs include an internship component, so students can get a better idea of what responsibilities they’ll face on the job. Education administrators need strong interpersonal and communications skills because their job involves working and collaborating with people from all walks of life, including parents, teachers, government officials, and neighborhood leaders.

The majority of those who pursue an online masters in education administration program seek positions as school officials, headmasters, deans, principals, superintendents, or fundraisers. You need to have plenty of experience under your belt in order to attain some of the more high-level administrative positions. Some graduates also go on to pursue teaching positions or perform research in the field.

Additionally, an online masters in education administration prepares you to work in businesses, museums, correctional facilities, and community service organizations to plan, implement, and improve their educational programs. Future job opportunities in education administration should be excellent because of the large number of retirements and fewer applicants there are for some positions. The benefits of obtaining an online education are far reaching and can provide you many conveniences. Take the time to pick the online school that’s right for you.

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