What Types of Nursing Jobs Are Available?

11/7/10 by Sadie DeWitt

Are you interested in pursuing a rewarding career in nursing? Nurses are responsible for treating and caring for sick individuals, promoting health and disease prevention, and treating life-threatening illnesses. Nurses perform a wide range of duties, and there are a variety of nursing jobs from which to choose.


Hospital nursing jobs are available for both generalists and specialists. Duties include tending to wounds, observing symptoms, reporting changes, and charting vital signs. Hospital staff nurses can be assigned to the emergency room, pediatric unit, surgical unit, maternity unit, intensive care unit, and other areas.

Public Health

Public health nursing jobs revolve around health education and disease prevention. Public health nurses are typically employed by government agencies and health departments. They liaise with other health services providers to ensure that a patient’s healthcare needs are met. Public health nurses typically serve older people, children, expectant mothers, and people with disabilities.

Agency Nurse

Agency nurses sign up for nursing jobs at agencies, which offer nurses shifts in a variety of locations, including hospices, hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors’ offices, and nursing homes. Agency nursing jobs offer nurses a lot of flexibility and allow them to work in a variety of settings. Agency nurses, especially those who have specialized training, are in high demand.

Medical Office

At doctors’ offices, nurses visit patients to take vital signs and take note of symptoms before they see the doctor. After patients finish their consultation with the doctor, the nurses draw their blood, take samples, and perform injections. Nurses at doctors’ offices also maintain records and hand out medications prescribed by the doctor.


School nurses provide basic healthcare for both students and faculty. In school nursing jobs, nurses check students for chronic problems, such as asthma and vision problems and contagious conditions, such as lice and ringworm. School nurses are responsible for determining whether a child should go home, see a doctor, stay in class, or rest in the school’s clinic.


Company nursing jobs are similar to school nursing jobs, except company nurses work with the employees of large companies. Company nurses administer first-aid techniques and treat contagious conditions, like the flu. Large companies also employ occupational and environmental nurses, who provide health and safety programs to workers.


Travel nursing jobs are offered by agencies that need nurses to travel and work at different healthcare facilities across the country. Typically, travel nurses are allowed to choose the locations in which they’d like to work, and their assignments last for three months or longer. Travel nursing jobs are well-paid and come with housing, bonuses, and other attractive benefits.

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