3 Jobs That You Can Get after Pursuing Legal Studies Online

10/16/10 by Jeff Gordon

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I was devastated in my junior year of high school. As my friends were applying to their top choice universities around the country, I was pinching pennies, worried about how on earth I was going to pay for my college education. My friends were lucky because their parents had already saved up all of the money they needed to pay for their tuition. But since my parents were going through a messy divorce, they could not afford to fork out the cash necessary for me to go to college.

I dreamed of pursuing a degree in law. I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to become an attorney, but I had always been attracted to the legal field, so I decided that I should pursue legal studies online. I knew that pursuing legal studies online would qualify me to work in various jobs in the legal system and that I’d be well equipped to go to law school if I decided to take that route in the future. So, although I was bummed out to see all of my friends pack their bags and move to cool new college towns while I stayed home, I was also content because I knew that pursuing legal studies online would allow me to get the kind of job that I wanted.

I graduated three years ago with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and am now have a cushy job as a legal assistant, so looking back, I don’t regret anything. I didn’t get to enjoy the wild social life that my friends did in traditional colleges, but since I stayed home, I was also able to hold down a full-time job while pursuing legal studies online. So, when I graduated, I already had money in the bank, zero debt, and several years of professional experience under my belt. It was a great feeling.

Are you thinking of pursuing legal studies online, too? There are many jobs, not just attorney jobs, available to graduates of legal studies online programs. Here are 3 of them:

1. Legal assistant

A legal assistant, also known as a paralegal, performs support jobs for practicing lawyers. Skills that are required for a job as a legal assistant include legal research, writing, and secretarial work. Legal assistants draft contracts and other documents to be reviewed by lawyers, but they cannot represent people in court or sign legal documents. Most entry-level legal assistants have an associate’s degree in legal studies or a bachelor’s degree in another field plus a certificate in paralegal studies.

2. Court reporter

Court reporters create verbatim transcripts of legal proceedings, speeches, conversations, and other events. They play an important role in any meeting where spoken word must be preserved as a written transcript. Court reporters typically work in the offices of attorneys, legislatures, conventions, and court rooms. The educational requirements for becoming a court report vary depending on the specialization. Pursuing a legal studies online program is a great way to prepare to become a court reporter because it familiarizes you with the legal system and legal terminology.

3. Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster deals with the claims made by insurance policyholders seeking compensation for their losses. Claims adjusters primarily work for insurance companies. Many work outside of offices and travel to claim sites to examine damage to buildings and automobiles. Although there are no formal education requirements to become a claims adjuster, people who have a degree from a legal studies online program are competitive candidates for jobs handling workers’ compensation and product liability cases.

Law is one of the fastest growing fields in the country, and getting a degree from a legal studies online program will equip you with the skills necessary to qualify for jobs in law. Other careers that a degree from a legal studies online program can prepare you for include: bar examiner, investigator, mediator, data entry clerk, hearing officer, and contract writer. Whatever your interests are, pursuing a legal studies online program will help you prepare for the challenging and rewarding career path that lies ahead.

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