How to Balance Online Study with the Rest of Your Life

9/3/10 by Kathleen Rivers

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Balancing college coursework with life’s responsibilities can be challenging, to say the least.  Between childrearing, spending time with your significant other, and working full-time, finding the time and energy to hunker down and hit the books is not easy, even if you’re pursuing an online study program.  Fortunately, though, online study is far more flexible than studying on campus, so you can get a lot done as long as you set some strict ground rules.  The following are some tips that will help you succeed in school – and in life in general.

Organize Weekly Family Meetings

Quality time with your loved ones can be hard to come by when you’re juggling so many responsibilities.  That’s why organizing family meetings at least once a week is a good idea.  Family meetings give everyone the opportunity to catch up and find out what’s going on in each other’s lives.  You can use this time to discuss upcoming events, share accomplishments, mention any concerns you have, and update your loved ones on the progress you’ve made in your online study program.

Stay Healthy

Make sure that you eat well, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.  Although it can be tough to move away from your desk when you know that you have pile of assignments waiting for you, it’s essential to work some physical activity into your schedule if you want to relieve stress and stay healthy.  If you take care of your health, you’ll be more alert, better able to complete your assignments more quickly, and better equipped to face the stresses of everyday life.

Set Aside Study Time for You and Your Family

Do you have school-aged children?  If so, why not set a good example by studying with them every afternoon?  Shared study time allows you to kill two birds with one stone because you can get stuff done while teaching your kids good study habits.

Use Your School’s Resources

Many online study programs offer services like peer tutoring, tech support, career counseling, and research assistance.  So, whether you are having trouble operating your computer or you find that completing your math homework is a constant struggle, don’t hesitate to take advantage of your online school’s resources because it could save you hours of your precious time.  Besides, that’s what you’re paying tuition for.

Pursue Personal Interests

Take time out of your week to pursue personal interests and hobbies.  When you are in an online study program and have other major responsibilities, setting aside “me” time might be difficult, but it’s necessary.  Pencil long bubble baths, dinner dates with your partner, and outings with your friends into your schedule just like you would any other item on your to-do list.  Time off is just as important as time spent getting schoolwork done!

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